Comedy Bindaas Preetesh Ke Andaaz Producer and Actor Shares His Dream on Dreamcatchers

LEXINGTON, MA—Indian-American comedy king Preetesh Shrivastava has already become a household name in New England, and is now on track to becoming a celebrated label across the United States and beyond with the formal launch of his Lexington, MA-based Preetesh Entertainment, LLC.

The main objective of his company is to bring happiness and joy through entertainment, says Shrivastava, who has either produced or directed about 50 shows in New England in the past nine years and acted and participated in many more.

“Our aim is to provide new, creative, and unique quality productions for the audience,” Shrivastava told INDIA New England News. “The company has plans to take these shows across the USA and beyond.”

In an exclusive video interview with Dr. Manju Sheth on Dreamcatchers, Shrivastava talks about his dream of launching the company and entertaining people. To watch the video interview, please click here.

The first production of Preetesh Entertainment is: Preetesh: Comedy Bindaas, Preetesh ke Andaaz!

Preetesh Shrivastava (Photo: Nandish Desai)

“It is a new, unique and unforgettable Bollywood/Broadway-style entertainment event in Hindi, full of laughter, stand-up comedy routines, music, comedy skit, dances and much more,” Shrivastava says about his first production, which is scheduled on June 17th at Lexington Heritage Museum in Lexington, MA. “The first of its series, the show ‘Fully Filmy Funny’will present a fun-filled evening of glamour and entertainment.”

The script and concept have been written and conceived by Shrivastava.

“We are pretty sure that our audience will experience a completely new and pleasant dimension of entertainment. The team is doing its best to organize this event at a very professional level,” Shrivastava said.

He said approximately 50 people are involved in the this production. Jharna Madan is leading many departments including PR, publicity and creative production. She will be part of the performing team as well.

Pratibha Krishnamurthy is playing another important role, Shrivastava said. She has developed the website and is providing technical support in many areas. Anish Khanzode is playing multiple roles for the event. Other team members include  Ajay Jain, Swati Sane, Sanjay Jain, Monisha Prakash, Sanaa Kazi, Anurag Jain, Satish Palayam, Shriniwas Sane, Ashutosh Patel, Angikam Dance Academy (Jasmine Shah’s group), Shikha V Bajpai, Purbi Rana, Shilpa Khanorkar, Priya Bagade from Dancing Divas of Boston.

Dr. Manju Sheth and Preetesh Shrivastava (Photo: India New England News)

The creative and production team includes Maneesh Srivastava, Vijay Ejenkar, Prithvi Banerjee, Jawed Wahid, Manaswi Sharma, Nandish Desai, Kirtika Anand, Rekha Plariwala, Mahesh Palriwala, Mahesh Goel, Meera Subramaniam, Mohan Subramaniam, Ruchika Yadav, Munendra Yadav, Alok Bhaskar, Hetal Joshi, Java Joshi and many more.

“We are grateful to our sponsors Indy Johar from Guaranteed Rates, Anil Ratanshi Shah from MRCC, Ramesh and Amit K Parwani from Kay Pee Jewelers, Pranav Gill from BMW Herb Chambers Sudbury, Pradeep Audho from PKA Insurance, Ambika Mangtani, Fashion Consultant from IndofashionZ, Samir Desai from Desai Foundation, Ramesh Kumar Motwane, Sushil Bhatia from JMD Manufacturing, Jasbina Ahluwalia from Intersections Match and Reshma Katwa from Pinot’s Palette,” Shrivastava said. “I am truly honored and grateful to work with such a talented and dedicated team.”

Event details:

Comedy Bindaas Preetesh Ke Andaaz

Date: June 17th 2017 (Saturday)..

Time – 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Tickets avaiable at : www.preetesh.net

Shrivastava, a project manager at Infosys, is also the founder of Hindi Manch, a non-profit organization that bring people who know and Hindi or related languages or who those who want to know Hindi through cultural, social and educational programs and activities.