Health Talk: Cardiologist Dr. Salil Midha on prevention of heart disease and correlation with diabetes

Dr. Salil Midha

Dr. Salil Midha

WALTHAM, MA—How closely linked are diabetes and heart diseases? When we sat down with Cardiologist Dr. Salil Midha, MD, to talk about preventing heart diseases, the word diabetes kept coming up because it is so closely related to heart diseases and it increases the chances of heart complications several fold. It is even more deadlier among Indian Americans.

Dr. Midha, chief of cardiology at Melrose Wakefield Hospital, said that 50 percent of Indian population is either diabetic or pre-diabetic and similarly 50 percent of this population has either high blood pressure or they don’t know about it. It is a deadly combination, but with preventive care heart attack risk can be reduced significantly.

“Despite we don’t smoke, our chances of heart attack is very high,” says Dr. Midha. “We can reduce the heart attack by 50 percent to 75 percent by taking preventive care and medication.”

In our Health Talk series, Dr. talks about how to take care of our heart. To view the video, please click here or on the image below:

Dr. Midha will give an extensive talk on prevention of heart diseases at the Mega Health and Wellness Expo, which will be held on Sunday, April 3, 2016, at Burlington Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA.
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Dr. Midha graduated from Rohtak Medical College in Haryana in India. After moving to the United States, he completed his residency in New York and Jersey City Medical center, and completed the cardiology fellowship at the Mount Auburn Hospital, a Harvard affiliated program in Cambridge, MA.

Dr. Midha started his private practice in Melrose, Mass., in 1981 and initiated the Cardiac Cath lab in Melrose Wakefield hospital. He is the past president of the medical staff at the Hospital and is the current chief of cardiology, director of the Cath Lab and Cardiac Rehab Program at the Melrose Wakefield Hospital. During the past two decades, he has done charitable work to help the poor in India, Africa and Paraguay. Dr. Midha is also president of the Boston Cardiac Foundation.