Ramachandran of the Art of Living to Conduct a Workshop on the “Science of Yogic Breath” at the Health Expo

WALTHAM, MA—Dhanashree Ramachandran, who has been teaching the Art of Living course to adults and children since 2009, will conduct a workshop on “The Science of Yogic Breath- using Yogic breath to counter stress and increase wellness” at the upcoming free Mega Health & Wellness Expo on April 20 at the Burlington Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA.
“Vibrant health is the basis for success and happiness in our lives. Although we know what a healthy lifestyle is, we often overlook a key factor—chronic stress—which can negatively affect all aspects of our health and well-being,” said Ramachandran. “It can break down the smooth interactions in our mind-body axis. Fortunately, there are methods that can systematically relieve stress and reverse its influences. One of the most well-studied and effective stress-relief programs is based on yogic breathing exercises.”

Ramachandran is one of the influential teachers in the field of holistic well being and development in New England. Her journey on the spiritual path began at an early age with learning to meditate and chant from her grandmother. A strong advocate of using the body’s internal power to heal and flourish, Ramachandran has been teaching the Art of Living course to adults, young adults and children since early 2009.

Ramachandran said the yogic science of breath is a precise, 5000+ year-old science of health promotion and it is one of the first sciences to recognize the impact of the mind and emotions on creating and restoring optimal health.

“The Art of Living has brought some of the comprehensive yet easily adaptable yogic breathing exercises to millions around the world,” said Ramachandran. “Independent research shows that practicing these techniques can significantly reduce stress levels, benefit the immune system, relieve anxiety and depression, enhance brain functions, increase mental focus, and relieve post-traumatic stress disorder. How is this all possible by just using breath? Come and learn at the workshop at the Health and Wellness Expo.”

The workshop is specifically designed to give a first-hand experience to all attendees. Along with learning breathing techniques, you will also gain from discussions focused on some of the common reasons for generating stress, effects of stress and what you can do on your own to decrease those effects, findings of scientific research proving the effectiveness of techniques taught in the Art of Living workshop, and service initiatives in the New England area.

“Being healthy and happy is everyone’s right. The Art of Living equips you to enjoy optimal health and experience happiness to the fullest,” Ramachandran said.

Ramachandran has successfully taught stress relief and management techniques in various settings, such as hospitals, schools, corporate offices and community centers to hundreds of people in the New England area. Some of the many prominent service projects that Dhanashree led are Trauma relief for children from Haiti and Nashua meditates- a movement to bring awareness towards ancient wisdom and proven techniques. A communications consultant by profession, Dhanashree is currently working on a video game to teach moral education in American schools.

Words from the Chair of Health & Wellness Expo:
Dr. Sheth
The Health & Wellness Expo is chaired by Dr, Manju Sheth and organized by INDIA New England News. It is a free event for the community and will be held on April 20, 2014 at Burlington Marriott in Burlington, MA. Dr. Sheth is a Board certified internist at Lahey Health and President of Indian Medical Association of New England 2013. She is very dedicated to women’s causes and education of community in health related issues, especially those specific to South Asian population.

Says Dr. Sheth: “I have always felt that while treatment can be specific to a specialty of medicine, healing is a collaborative effort with all health care providers, including alternative medicine. It also involves tapping into power within ourselves which will be the focus of our talk on mind and body medicine led by Dr. Sanjiv Chopra. We are honored to bring some of the best experts in traditional medicine who will talk about common medical problems with updates in diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. The talks will be conducted by a team of excellent moderators. Our goal in this Expo is also to educate people about optimum health which again is a collaborative effort. We are pleased to bring experts in Indian diet, skin care, yoga, stress management, fitness and meditation. We have also included an important segment on dental health. We are very thankful to the community for their wholehearted support in making our first Mega Health Expo last year such a huge success and are planning to make this an yearly tradition in New England.”